KEDA Standing Positions

Taxation KEDA supports an approach to taxation balancing income, property and sales taxes which promotes flexibility and diversity in the state’s economy.

Economic Development Funding Legislative and Executive Branches of state government should be applauded for crafting budgets that prioritize funding for economic development. By emphasizing a cooperative spirit focused on breaking down institutional silos, the Kansas Department of Commerce and other state agencies worked as a team setting new levels of project success. KEDA encourages building on these wins by maintaining the funding needed to develop new markets and opportunities for Kansans.

Small Business Development and Entrepreneurship KEDA supports continued funding for small business development and entrepreneurship programs like NetWork Kansas, Kansas Manufacturing Solutions and the Small Business Development Centers.

Kansas Open Records Act KEDA supports a balanced approach between transparency and economic development client privacy that limits restrictions and compliance burdens on economic development organizations.

Support Innovation Across Industries Particularly within agriculture, Kansas leads the way in value-added processing and manufacturing. KEDA supports those efforts and encourages focused programs that foster and leverage areas of innovation for all industries.

Multi-modal Transportation Programming The Eisenhower Legacy Transportation Program (IKE) provides a responsive framework for the state’s future. KEDA supports the program’s holistic approach which includes economic development and broadband expansion as primary factors for consideration.

Preservation and Funding of Incentive Programs Economic Development incentive programs are critical to the recruitment of new companies and expansion of existing businesses. KEDA members believe Promoting Employment Across Kansas (PEAK), High Performance Incentive Program (HPIP), Sales Tax and Revenue (STAR) Bonds and Job Creation Fund (JCF) are all vital and support efforts to fully fund their implementation.

Local Control of Community Development Tools Existing financing tools such as Tax Increment Financing (TIF), Community Improvement Districts (CID), Transportation Development Districts (TDD) and tax abatements require detailed knowledge about the local economic climate and tax environment. KEDA supports local control over their use.

Streamline Economic Development Program Applications and Fees KEDA supports continued efforts to review regulations that outline application processes, eligibility requirements and fees for economic development programs. Streamlining program requirements and lowering fees creates a more level playing field for Kansas businesses of all sizes.