KEDA Legslative PositionsSuccess comes when teams work together with all of the assets available to them in play. The same is true in economic development. The growth of existing businesses, recruitment of new businesses, and formation of businesses is smoother and more frequent with strong, coordinated efforts. KEDA members work with each other, legislators, organizations, and businesses as a team to shape the positive economic future of Kansas.

KEDA Legislative positions are listed below

Elements of  Success

  • Trusted relationships with professionals possessing local knowledge, state support, and a global vision.
  • A lead state agency, the Department of Commerce, that integrates the resources and industry insights offered by all state agencies.
  • A statewide strategic plan that involves partners at all levels.
  • Aggressively pursuing business development leads and providing responses that incorporate industry perspectives.
  • A strong marketing focus that represents the state’s diverse opportunities and lifestyles.
  • Competitive incentives to meet evolving economic issues and leverage local programs.

List of Common Legislative Terms 

  • Exempt Bill – A bill that has been sponsored by, referred to, or acted upon by an Exempt Committee. Exempt Bills are not subject to the standard deadlines for bills.
  • Exempt Committee – The following committees are exempt committees: House and Senate Federal and State Affairs, Senate Ways and Means, Senate Assessment and Taxation, House committees on Calendar and Printing, Appropriations, Taxation. Either chamber can authorize other committees as exempt in their rules.
  • Gut and Go – the process of amending a bill by removing its original contents and replacing it with an entirely new bill.
  • HApp – Shorthand for House Appropriations Committee
  • Omnibus bill – a single document that is accepted by a single vote that packages together several measures into one large bill. Often, omnibus bills combine several previously separate bills into one bill for passage at the end of the session.
  • Shell Bill – A bill in a committee that can be used as the starting point for a “Gut and Go.” Can also be referred to as a “Vehicle.”
  • SWAM – Shorthand for Senate Ways and Means Committee
  • Turnaround – This is the last day to consider non-exempt bills in their house of origin (i.e., the last day to consider SB in the Senate, or HB in the House).
  • Vehicle – A bill in a committee that can be used as a starting point for a “Gut and Go.” Can also be referred to as a “Shell Bill.